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How Story Lenders Will Become More Important in the Days Ahead

by Dean Oliver, NFS Leasing Principal. Published in MonitorDaily.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of living, at least for now and for the near future. It challenges businesses with uncertainty around the future, both short-term and long-term. To meet this challenge, we must begin to ask important questions, such as: How will my business return to normal? What is “normal” now anyway? Will anybody take on the risks to help my company? What are the opportunities presented by this?

In the days ahead we will learn a lot about the answers to these questions and what the future will look like once this pandemic is over. To help ensure that the future will remain positive for your business, you may need to look for help in places you would not normally look.

For many businesses this will mean looking to financial institutions and other funding sources for assistance. However, traditional lenders may not be willing to take on the level of risk the new normal will present. Luckily, story lenders are well-versed in taking on considerable risk and will become more important for many businesses in the days ahead.

If your business feels like it is falling into the COVID-19 quicksand, contact NFS Leasing and Dean Oliver here for more information on how we can help get you back on solid ground.

Why Manufacturers Need Artificial Intelligence Now

by Dean Oliver, NFS Leasing Principal. Published in MonitorDaily.

As leasing and financial companies, when we hear the term artificial intelligence (AI), the first thing many of us think about is software and big data applications.

But the truth is many of our customers and primary lines of business are using AI in both obvious and not so obvious ways. It’s an opportunity for us to finance high value, essential use equipment for customers, especially for manufacturers.

And COVID is only accelerating the pace of AI spending.

Predictive maintenance for line equipment uses AI-based algorithms and machine learning to predict mechanical malfunctions, both for prevention and to extend the useful life of the equipment. This is a key benefit if one of your concerns is how essential the AI is to the equipment. Prevention and extending useful life save customers billions of dollars. You get a higher value piece of equipment in return if you’ve done a true lease or you have a repossession.

The predictive nature of AI-based algorithms extends to measuring product quality and eliminating defects. CIO Magazine cites how quality control and production data & analytics are 2 areas where AI is used both right now and for future planning.

Contact Dean Oliver here if you are looking to adopt AI for your manufacturing business or to discuss new ways you and your company have been using AI.

How Equipment Financing Can Help Revitalize the Economy Post COVID-19

by Dean Oliver, NFS Leasing Principal. Published in AACFB.

“The days when we can freely attend concerts in a large, packed stadium, host a barbecue with family and friends, or even go out to dinner with our significant others, feel as if they are a thing of the past. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there is no definitive method to determine how far into the future days like that truly are and what a return to “normal” will look like when we get there. Will things go back to the way they were before, or will there be significant changes throughout public businesses?

Only time will tell what the new normal will look like when it is all said and done. The only certainty is that the revitalization of the economy will be a collective effort. Each industry will have their role to play as the nation (and the world) gradually rebuilds. The equipment finance industry can play a key role, and many of those efforts have already begun.

At the end of the day, we all want to make it out of this crisis as unharmed as possible. We are simply trying to make the best of the unexpected situation facing our businesses today as well as the unknown situations that will follow. There are many solutions that can assist businesses in facing the unknown and to many, part of that solution will be equipment financing.”

Contact Dean Oliver here to discuss thoughts on revitalizing the economy and what approaches you and your business are taking to ensure post COVID-19 success.

Leadership in Times of Crisis

by David DePamphilis, NFS Leasing Executive Vice President. Published in ELFA.

“As a business leader, how do you react in a time of crisis? Do you overreact, panic and show great emotion? Are you buying a 10-year supply of toilet paper and hoarding hand sanitizers? In times of crisis, your employees need a leader that is measured, thoughtful and communicates with clear and concise direction on a regular basis.

As of this date, March 22, 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life almost overnight. Many of us went from enjoying the daily collaboration in an office environment to being confined to your home office, trying to collaborate remotely. The change in the working environment along with the real concerns of becoming sick, has created a tremendous amount of fear and angst.

The impact to business has been significant across most industries. Approximately 18% of American households are reporting at least one member of their household losing their jobs in the month of March creating a level of anxiety for Americans not seen since the 2008 financial crisis.

It is important to find the balance of being compassionate towards your employees with also keeping the business functioning during these unprecedented times.”

Contact David DePamphilis here to discuss what effects you are seeing on leadership and how your company are handling the current crisis.

Robotics: A New Frontier for the Equipment Finance Industry

“The rise of robotics and improved automation present a massive emerging opportunity for growth in the equipment finance industry,” says Dean Oliver of NFS Leasing.

Like many, I have often wondered at how technology has evolved so rapidly since the invention of the computer and the microchip, and more recently how it might evolve with the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the rise of industrial robotics. As a science fiction fan, I have enjoyed both optimistic (2001: A space Odyssey and Wall-E) and more dystopian (Blade Runner and Ex-Machina) visions of robotics; and I am happy to have lived through the age of the PC, the Internet, the cellphone/smart phone, and to witness electric cars become commonplace.

Today there are hundreds of new technology applications impacting virtually all industries, to such a degree that the World Economic Forum has begun to call this melding of the digital, physical and biological systems the “Fourth Industrial Revolutions” and has established a center to shape its development for the benefit of humanity.

Many have seen and are amazed by some of the most advanced robotic technologies demonstrated in the quarterly videos produced by Boston Dynamics. these robots appear incredibly versatile, lifelike and portend great advances to be made in the coming years…

Contact Dean Oliver here if you are interested in discussing how to further grow your Robotics Technologies with an equipment lease ¦ or to simply brood over the “Fourth Industrial Revolutions”.

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