Equipment Finance Solutions for Challenged Credit Businesses

NFS accommodates all types of unique situations and businesses across the U.S. and Canada to give you the best possible equipment finance solution based on your needs. Whether that is fast equipment financing because you are on a timeline, or flexible and creative equipment financing because you are looking to free up your businesses cash flow. Whatever your story is, NFS wants to hear it and will do all that it can to finance your equipment needs.
“Grooveshark has been working with NFS Leasing for close to 3 years. We started looking for lease financing at a very early stage in our company’s history, and although we were a small young company, NFS took the time to listen to our story and provided much needed IT leasing at the time. NFS played an integral part in our initial growth phase, and much of the equipment we leased from NFS formed the backbone for what today is a music streaming service with 30 million users.”
-Colin Hostert CIO & CISO
manhattan office

Transform Your Company with Fast, Flexible Equipment Financing

Unlock your business potential by securing the right commercial equipment financing. NFS Leasing is a privately-held leader in Equipment Finance across the U.S. and Canada with nearly two decades of experience. Our experienced management team will take time to listen to your story to provide you with a fast equipment finance solution.

Whether yours is a start-up company, pre-revenue company, or a company in a turnaround phase, NFS Leasing will consider your leasing request. NFS Leasing uses its own capital and makes in-house credit decisions to help companies grow and thrive.

Having helped a wide array of corporations grow for nearly two decades, we are approaching $1,000,000,000 in lease originations, and have unique capabilities for those customers with challenged credit (C, D, and Storied Credits). We want to hear your story. Contact us to learn more on how NFS Leasing can help your company reach its full potential with equipment financing.


NFS Leasing has completed many fast equipment financing transactions recently. Check them out here.



FMV Operating Leases

Lower up-front costs, lower monthly payments, multiple tax advantages may be available and up to 100% financing including “soft costs”.



Finance / $ Buy Out Leases

Enjoy benefits of ownership of the asset with exclusive right to use, purchase options and up to 100% financing of the asset and soft costs.



Sale and Leaseback

Monetize the equity in your recent equipment purchases to free up cash and lower your tax burden while still retaining use.



Working Capital Loans

Cover unexpected losses, take advantage of cash buyer benefits, last minute supplier discounts or whatever else is needed.



What is an equipment lease?

An equipment lease is a finance rental arrangement between an equipment owner (the lessor) and a business owner (the lessee). The lessee gets to use the equipment by paying the lessor monthly lease payments over a mutually agreed upon term length.

Why businesses Lease vs. Buy?

The principal motive for leasing equipment is cash flow ”the ability to get equipment now without a major one-time expenditure of cash.” This enables the business to better match expenses with revenue and protect against obsolescence.

Other businesses may prefer to lease because their tax situation is such that it cannot benefit from the depreciation. It may also wish to maintain a debt-equity ratio that will attract new investment more easily, and leasing (rather than investment) will accomplish that.

And, those companies engaged in rapidly evolving technological market, use leased equipment under short-term leases permitting it the opportunity to exchange new and better equipment more rapidly than would with ownership of a capital lease.

Who is NFS Leasing Inc.?

NFS is a privately-held North American leader in Equipment Finance Leasing with nearly two decades of experience. NFS provides solutions, supporting businesses and organizations with challenged credit including; start-up, pre-revenue, financially distressed and turnaround companies, NFS uses its own balance sheet capital and provides fast, flexible decisions. We are a story credit lender. We want to hear your story.

What makes NFS Leasing unique?

The NFS Leasing Management Team understands the challenges of running a business and wants to help those struggling to secure critically needed financing. We are a creative and flexible financer. We want to hear your story. We are a trusted partner with exceptional listening skills. We will partner with you to provide creative financing solutions and structures for many non-traditional financing needs. We also consider other forms of collateral providing multiple options for financing. Tell us your story.

What size transactions does NFS Leasing support?

We fund transactions from $25K – $150K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions). While a wide range, funding the under $1M supports various situations with new NFS customers and repeat customers.

What do I need to qualify for an equipment lease with NFS Leasing?

NFS has no hard and fast rules for making a credit decision. We want to hear the story of your business and will gather information to make an informed and flexible credit decision to help your company grow and achieve your objectives.

What types of leases are available from NFS Leasing?

NFS Leasing offers several types of equipment leasing. Including FMV Operating Leases, Finance/ Dollar Buy Out Lease, Sale Lease Back and Working Capital (secured by assets). NFS also offers creative structures including; Step Payment Leases (term), Quarterly/Annual Payment Options and short-term leases.

We work together as partners to determine the best financial solution. We take time to listen to your story and provide guidance and education on the lease types, terms and terminology. We view our partnerships as a collaboration and want to support your business situation.

Are lease payments eligible for an income tax write-off?

The equipment you lease may qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction. Through Section 179 a business can deduct the monthly payments from its taxable income. Not all types of equipment are eligible, and there are certain IRS requirements that need to be followed. Consult with your tax professional.

How do I get started?

Contact us here  to tell us your story and discover how our creative financing solutions can help your company succeed.


  • Geography: United States and Canada
  • Transaction sizes from $25K – $150K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions) or more
  • Terms: 12-72 months (depending on asset class)
  • Including Step Payments (term), Quarterly/Annual Payment Options and Short Term Leases

Transform Your Company With Flexible Finance

We want to hear your customers’ story.

Unlock your business potential by securing the right funding. Whether yours is a start-up company, pre-revenue, early stage company or a company in a turnaround phase, NFS Leasing will consider your leasing request. NFS Leasing uses its own capital and makes in-house credit decisions to help corporations grow and thrive.

We are THE story lender. Tell us your story.

It is common for many businesses to undergo short term cash constraints. Whether large or small, early stage or established, private or public, NFS Leasing will listen to your story, understand your needs, and work with you to construct a financial solution that meets your unique business needs. CONTACT NFS and tell us your story.




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