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As a financial institution, turning away businesses can hurt your bottom line. Rather than turning down non-investment grade businesses, turn to NFS Leasing for help. We specialize in helping  businesses with less than perfect credit find the financing they need with customized solutions.

“NFS has enabled Everyone Counts to keep up with emerging technology and provide the tools needed to bring modern election administration and voting systems to election officials. Their flexibility and knowledge of the technology industry sets them apart from the other leasing providers. They are responsive, easy to work with, and consummate professionals. I recommend them highly!”
Rick Forry, Finance Manager

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Don’t Turn Down Any Business – Turn to NFS Leasing

Provide an alternative solution to your businesses that aren’t presently ready for traditional financing by partnering with NFS Leasing. NFS Leasing specializes in financing options for non-investment grade businesses by providing customized solutions. Don’t leave your customers with an unmet financial need.

A partnership with NFS Leasing provides Banks and Asset Based Leasing companies support for their non-investment grade credit clients by:

  • Mitigating the risk of customer loss that may arise when declining a challenged credit business requesting critical funding
  • Minimizing and reducing your credit exposure for your higher-risk borrower
  • Supplementing funding gaps on larger projects that are beyond your comfort level
  • Supporting long-time customers with a worthy business story, where you are unable to extend further financial support
We want to partner with you. Contact NFS Leasing so we may provide you the opportunity to help those customers when, due to credit policies, you cannot approve their application.


NFS Leasing has completed many fast equipment financing transactions recently. Check them out here.


NFS Leasing FMV Operating Leases

FMV Leases

Lower up-front costs, lower monthly payments, multiple tax advantages may be available and up to 100% financing which may include “soft costs.”
Finance / Buy Out Leases

Capital Leases ($1 buyouts)

Enjoy benefits of ownership of the asset with exclusive right to use, finance up to 100% of the asset and soft costs, and purchase the asset at the end of the lease term for $1.
Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback

Monetize the equity in your recent equipment purchases to free up cash and lower your tax burden while still retaining use.
Secured Loans

Asset Based Loans

Leverage the equity of any of your unencumbered business assets for immediate working capital, bridge financing, asset acquisition, coverage for unexpected opportunities, strategic projects, and more.

NFS Financing at a Glance

  • Geography: United States and Canada
  • Transaction Sizes:
  • Small-Ticket Program: $25K – $250K
  • Mid-Large Ticket: Up to $15M
  • Terms: 12-84 months (pending asset class)
  • Creative Structures: Including Step Payments (term), Quarterly/Annual Payment Options, and Short-Term Leases
  • Asset Class/Industries: Most hard assets but most commonly we lease: IT, Medical Imaging, Scientific Instrumentation, Manufacturing, Print Production, Construction, Agricultural, Machine Tools. Most industries except for: Weapons, Adult Entertainment, Marine and Aircrafts, Cannabis in U.S. (will look at Cannabis in Canada).

Frequently asked questions

An equipment lease is a finance rental arrangement between an equipment owner (the lessor) and a business owner (the lessee). The lessee gets to use the equipment by paying the lessor monthly lease payments over a mutually agreed upon term length.
The principal motive for leasing equipment is cash flow ”the ability to get equipment now without a major one-time expenditure of cash.” This enables the business to better match expenses with revenue and protect against obsolescence. Other businesses may prefer to lease because their tax situation is such that it cannot benefit from the depreciation. It may also wish to maintain a debt-equity ratio that will attract new investment more easily, and leasing (rather than investment) will accomplish that. And, those companies engaged in rapidly evolving technological market, use leased equipment under short-term leases permitting it the opportunity to exchange new and better equipment more rapidly than would with ownership of a capital lease.
NFS is a privately-held North American leader in Equipment Finance Leasing with nearly two decades of experience. NFS provides solutions, supporting businesses and organizations with challenged credit including; start-up, pre-revenue, financially distressed and turnaround companies, NFS uses its own balance sheet capital and provides fast, flexible decisions. We are a story credit lender. We want to hear your story.
The NFS Leasing Management Team understands the challenges of running a business and wants to help those struggling to secure critically needed financing. We are a creative and flexible financer. We want to hear your story. We are a trusted partner with exceptional listening skills. We will partner with you to provide creative financing solutions and structures for many non-traditional financing needs. We also consider other forms of collateral providing multiple options for financing. Tell us your story.

We fund transactions from $25K – $250K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions). While a wide range, funding the under $1M supports various situations with new NFS customers and repeat customers.

NFS has no hard and fast rules for making a credit decision. We want to hear the story of your business and will gather information to make an informed and flexible credit decision to help your company grow and achieve your objectives.
NFS Leasing offers several types of equipment leasing. Including FMV Operating Leases, Finance/ Dollar Buy Out Lease, Sale Lease Back and Working Capital (secured by assets). NFS also offers creative structures including; Step Payment Leases (term), Quarterly/Annual Payment Options and short-term leases. We work together as partners to determine the best financial solution. We take time to listen to your story and provide guidance and education on the lease types, terms and terminology. We view our partnerships as a collaboration and want to support your business situation.
The equipment you lease may qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction. Through Section 179 a business can deduct the monthly payments from its taxable income. Not all types of equipment are eligible, and there are certain IRS requirements that need to be followed. Consult with your tax professional.

Contact us here to tell us your story and discover how our creative financing solutions can help your company succeed.

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It is common for many businesses to undergo cash constraints. Whether emerging or established, private or public, cash constraints can arise. NFS Leasing is here to help and will listen to your story, understand your needs, and work with you to construct a custom equipment finance solution that meets your needs.
Contact NFS Leasing and tell us your story.

A FMV lease is an equipment lease that provides flexibility to the lessee at the end of the lease term to extend the lease term, buy the asset outright at the then fair market value, or return the asset to the leasing company.

Compared to a $1 buyout capital lease, FMV leases typically have lower up-front costs, lower monthly payments and potentially significant tax advantages. Under the FMV lease, the lessor retains title to the equipment and the lessee does not own the equipment. In an FMV lease, the lessee may finance up to 100% of the cost of the equipment including “soft costs” (e.g., transportation, delivery, installation and other deferred costs).

$1 buyouts are different than FMV leases in many ways, including the customer’s ability to hold ownership of the asset with exclusive right to use and purchase options. $1 buyouts offered by NFS often include 100% financing of the asset, which allows the company to conserve cash up front for other projects with higher ROI potential. With $1 buyouts, the lessee owns the equipment subject to the lessor’s lease interest analogous to a secured financing. A $1 buyout lease is an excellent choice if a company is interested in long term equipment ownership.

Payments under a $1 buyout are fixed and as equipment owner, the company may depreciate the value of the equipment and potentially take advantage of IRS Section 179 incentives and Bonus Depreciation. $1 buyouts are an effective option for financing equipment with a long useful life (such as yellow iron, manufacturing machinery, warehousing and racking, etc.) as the equipment may be depreciated on your balance sheet, and you may be able to deduct the interest expenses from your taxes. See your tax consultant for details.

A sale leaseback is when the lessor purchases equipment that a company owns and then leases it directly back to the company.

A sale leaseback allows you to monetize the equity in the owned assets which could be as much as 80% of the fair market value of the asset. This is useful when a company needs to use the cash invested in an asset for other investments (where a higher rate of return can be generated), but the asset is still needed to operate their business. This provides the company immediate cash and then at the end of the term, the company may own the equipment outright again.

A sale leaseback can provide the opportunity to reinvest the newly acquired capital towards expansion, company expenses, purchasing inventory or many other business needs. Reimbursements can be structured as a lease or a loan depending on your unique business needs.

An asset based loan is a financing approach to access equity a company may have built up in its business assets and convert such equity into working capital for immediate day-to-day operations and/or growth opportunities. Significant new projects, such as an expansion in production or entering new markets, require investment. Investment into new projects or initiatives reduces cash flow. An ABL is a viable solution to service cash flow needs.

Any business with assets can apply for an asset based term loan. The company retains title in the assets and pledges those assets to the lender as collateral for the loan. Depending on the company’s credit profile, the lender may require additional credit support for the company’s obligations under the loan. Advantages include fixed interest rates for the full term that are not tied to variable market rates and continued use of the pledged assets during repayment of the loan.

NFS offers asset based loans collateralized by business assets, including owned and unencumbered equipment and real estate. For customers requiring creative solutions, NFS may consider additional credit support through pledged cash accounts or marketable securities, and through warrants, revenue sharing, royalty agreements, or other considerations.

Businesses who are looking to utilize the equity built up in company assets and who prefer retaining ownership during the life cycle of the transaction, favor asset based loans.