Custom Tailored Finance Solutions


NFS Leasing is a flexible, innovative and creative equipment financing leader that has been providing solutions to customers across the U.S. and Canada for more than 15 years. We are privately-held and use our own capital to make in-house credit decisions that help fund our customers equipment finance needs.

NFS Leasing serves a multitude of clients in many different industries. Offering several equipment lease and secured loan options allows NFS to serve clients in most any industry. Each lease and loan option is created and tailored to every client’s unique situation and need.

NFS services equipment leases and loans from $25K – $150K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions).

Sports Training


Synthetic Ice Hockey System

World-class hockey trainer needed state of the art equipment

NFS Leasing



Peterbilt Trucks & Mixers

Gunite pool start-up finances essential equipment

NFS Leasing



Reefer Trailer

Start-up in need of
purchased truck
NFS Leasing

Veterinary Services


Varian Medical Systems

Innovative pet oncology provider needed Varian Halcyons

NFS Leasing

Architectural Glass Manufacturing


Toho Wet Cleaners

Smart glass manufacturer needed structed sale/leaseback

NFS Leasing



MRI Systems

Ownership change demanded flexible finance solutions
NFS Leasing

Retail Glass Manufacturing


Toho Cranes & Drilling Machines

Expanded operations required rapid funding for PE-backed portfolio

NFS Leasing



Servers & Storage Arrays

Multi-national with many regulatory and security requirements

NFS Leasing



Industrial Screen Feeders & Towers

Financing used collateral with low residual value

NFS Leasing

Retail Glass Manufacturing


Laser, Coating & Sputtering Machines

Multiple schedules with extensive documentation and vendor management

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


Siemens DX Automation

Competitive financing despite high debt-to-equity ratio & covenant concerns

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


Hitachi Imaging Equipment

Multiple schedules, heavy documentation & internal department coordination

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


Zimmer Biomet, IT & Soft Cost

Custom structure with flexible end-of-term options

NFS Leasing

Technology Manufacturing


Circuit Printers, Lasers & Soft Costs

Fast approval to fund government contract in pre-revenue phase

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


Mass Spectrometer Genomic Analyzer

Debt restructuring and challenging credit in highly regulated industry

NFS Leasing



Sany & Powerscreen

Rapid growth required new equipment & additional cash flow

NFS Leasing

Video Marketing Agency


Dell Servers, Blades & Soft Costs

Referral client needing 100% financing to preserve working capital

NFS Leasing

Technology Services


IT Hardware & Software

Custom end-of-term buyout options & 100% financing to preserve cash

NFS Leasing

Global Legal Services


IT Hardware & Software

Exceed referral recommendation with flexible buyout options

NFS Leasing

Waste Management


Conveyors & Shredders

Maximize EBITDA and conserve dry powder for PE-backed portfolio

NFS Leasing



Apple MacBooks & iPads

High volume of low residual value collateral & soft costs

NFS Leasing

Automotive Manufacturing 


Manufacturing Equipment

Rapid growth required an additional facility & equipment

NFS Leasing

Copper Mining


IT Systems & Railcar Movers

Equipment was needed to begin production on schedule

NFS Leasing

CPG Packaging


Carbonated Filler & Manufacturing Equipment

Increased production required new equipment to meet needs

NFS Leasing

Underground Construction


Vermeer Construction Equipment

Early-stage company required equipment to complete 2-year project

NFS Leasing



Cloud Storage Software & Licenses

Hospital IT service provider required licenses to fulfill needs

NFS Leasing

Coal Mining


Trucks & Undercarriage

Taking over existing surface mine & heavy equipment is needed

NFS Leasing

Electrical Manufacturing


Real Estate Buyout & Working Capital

Working capital was needed in order to meet productivity standards

NFS Leasing



2018 International LT

Expanding business required 5th truck quickly
NFS Leasing

Highwall Mining


ADDCAR & Working Capital

Rapid growth required new equipment & additional cash flow

NFS Leasing

Custom Manufacturing


Manufacturing  Equipment

Production growth required equipment with custom finance solution

NFS Leasing



Hitachi Medical Imaging &
Working Capital

Community hospital required equipment to treat patients adequately

NFS Leasing

Rocket Manufacturing


Selective Laser Melting Machine

Needed to manufacture critical components on expedited timetable

NFS Leasing

Restaurant Equipment

Start-up Restaurant

Multiple pieces of equipment

NFS Leasing

Scrap Metal Manufacturing


Tractors, Blenders & Other Equipment

Funding required to purchase materials needed to expand

NFS Leasing



X-Rays, MRIs & Ultrasounds

Growing company acquires assets of another firm
NFS Leasing

Hotel Management


Samsung 55″ TV’s

Early-stage client required
fast funding

NFS Leasing



Presses & Extruders

Custom finance structure for plastics manufacturer

NFS Leasing




Cloud provider needed
equipment to scale

NFS Leasing

Food Processing


Pump Fillers & Power Conveyor

New contract required equipment to meet demand

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


GE, Medical & Imaging Equipment

Highly specialized assets with complex organization approval process

NFS Leasing

Metals Manufacturing


Schuler Blanking Press

Provide competitive rates despite negative EBITDA & bank covenants

NFS Leasing



1000+ Mopeds & Soft Costs

Rapid expansion of technology start-up in emerging market venture

NFS Leasing



Metal Cutter & Soft Costs

Improve cash flow with lower monthly payments and 100% financing

NFS Leasing

Chemical Manufacturing


Pressure Tanks

Custom complex structure and financial modeling expertise

NFS Leasing



Scaffolding Units & Soft Costs  

Custom structure req’ts, numerous vendors and significant soft costs

NFS Leasing

Healthcare Provider


Hitachi MRI, IT & installations/training

Extensive project management with strict legal & regulatory req’ts

NFS Leasing

Food & Beverage Manufacturing 


Bottling & Assembly Line

Embedded collateral & funding delivery & Installation Expenses

NFS Leasing