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NFS Leasing provides a wide variety of equipment financing resources, from informative articles, toolkits and educational videos to quick grab business infographics to help your business grow and succeed. Our goal is to continue to grow our resource library, so you can easily discover more ways equipment financing can grow your business.




Benefits of a Vendor Finance Partnership with NFS Leasing

While traditional equipment finance companies may avoid writing leases or loans to customers with C, D, or story credits, NFS Leasing sees the opportunity and provides a solution for its vendor and manufacturer partners in serving those customers.

NFS Leasing specializes in making credit decisions and crafting funding solutions based on a non-investment grade customer’s potential—not just its current circumstance.

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Vendor Financing: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Vendor financing is a type of financing in which a company or vendor provides financing to a customer to purchase their goods or services. This is commonly used to accelerate sales cycles for the vendor by becoming a one stop shop for the goods or services, or when traditional financial institutions are unwilling to provide financing due to customer or business environmental credit conditions.

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Vendor Financing: What Every Manufacturer or Dealer Should Know

Vendor Financing: What Every Manufacturer or Dealer Should Know

As a vendor or manufacturer of the equipment, you likely understand the fundamentals of vendor financing. The basic definition is the lending of money by a vendor to a customer who uses the capital to purchase the vendor’s product. Here, the customer benefits from an easy finance solution without needing to secure a traditional bank loan or lease.

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Leasing Technology Equipment in the USA and Canada, NFS Leasing

Technology Leasing When Maximizing Limited Budgets

By 2020, large and small information technology (IT) departments, data centers, and technology professionals of all kinds completed a decade of digital transformation (DX) in less than 30 months. Changes related to the pandemic, the economy, and innovation have permanently refocused business and consumer demands on increasingly digital-centric solutions. Digital technology has been embedded into most industries.

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