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NFS Leasing is a privately held North American leader in Equipment Finance with more than 18 years’ experience. NFS provides solutions supporting businesses and organizations with challenged credit including early stage, start-up & pre-revenue, financially distressed companies and turn-arounds. NFS uses its own balance sheet capital and provides fast flexible credit decisions.


High Precision Manufacturer with Immediate Need to Upgrade Equipment, Quickly Constructs New Partnership with NFS Leasing, Inc.


CDC Certified COVID-19 Testing Center Facing Rapid Volume Increase Turns to NFS Leasing, Inc. for Fast Equipment Financing


NFS Leasing, Inc. Helps Existing Customer Expand Its Business to Hand Sanitizer Production


NFS Leasing, Inc. Supplies Plastic Recycling Start-Up with Equipment Financing to Occupy Facility and Commence Operations


High Precision Manufacturer with Immediate Need to Upgrade Equipment, Quickly Constructs New Partnership with NFS Leasing, Inc.

NFS Leasing, Inc. has entered a new partnership with ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. to provide upwards of $800K in equipment financing in less than a month to fund automated manufacturing and tooling systems.

ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. produces high precision components and assemblies for the aerospace, medical, and electronics industries. ALVA found itself needing to cut production costs while maintaining production growth which is no easy task, especially on a short timeline. However, it came across automated manufacturing and tooling systems that would allow them to do just that. This equipment funded by NFS Leasing will allow ALVA to immediately decrease production costs while maintaining production growth.

“NFS’ services are notable for many reasons. Speed to complete the financing is most often the critical need and a prominent feature in the services we provide,” says Rich Vassallo, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “ALVA came to us with an immediate need for automated systems and we knew we needed to meet that rapid timeline in order for them to succeed.”

“It can be challenging to get agreements like this done on time,” Tam Nguyen, President and Founder of ALVA Manufacturing, Inc. states. “We are grateful that NFS was able to finance the equipment in less than a month and fortunate to have them as a partner. Fulfilling our financing need this quickly has allowed us to stay on schedule for our current and future projections.”


CDC Certified COVID-19 Testing Center Facing Rapid Volume Increase Turns to NFS Leasing, Inc. for Fast Equipment Financing

NFS Leasing, Inc. established a new partnership with COLA, CLIA, and CDC certified laboratory, Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS). The equipment finance agreement totaling just over $2 Million would fill an immediate need for PMLS as it faced increased volume due to COVID-19.

PMLS is an award-winning laboratory headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. Focused on providing clinically meaningful results to medical practitioners, PMLS offers a wide variety of highly specialized tests including advanced cardiovascular testing, hereditary cancer screening, the first of its kind predictive genetic test for type 2 diabetes, and COVID-19 testing spanning from PCR tests to serology tests. COVID caused a sudden increase in demand, requiring PMLS to face an immediate need for new equipment. Partnering with NFS Leasing allowed PMLS to obtain the equipment and meet demand successfully and quickly.

“Testing requirements and demands have obviously increased because of COVID,” says Rich Vassallo, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “Here at NFS we are accustomed to fast-moving agreements and when demand increases so quickly and businesses need to adjust, we will be ready to help them finance their equipment needs.”

“COVID has put a burden on many businesses throughout the country. PMLS is fortunate to be in an industry that could assist in the pandemic and needed to react quickly.” states Kevin Murdock, CEO of Premier Medical Laboratory Services. “We would not have been able to meet efficiency and productivity standards without equipment financing from NFS. They helped us move quickly to ensure that tests would be processed and reported to customers accurately and on schedule.”


NFS Leasing, Inc. Helps Existing Customer Expand Its Business to Hand Sanitizer Production

NFS Leasing, Inc. has extended its existing partnership with customer RPP Products, Inc. to help fund an expansion into a new line of business, manufacturing hand sanitizer.

RPP Products, Inc. is an automotive manufacturing and distribution company primarily focused on providing private label oil additives. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic it quickly created a new business line focused on meeting the increased demand for hand sanitizer. This new business line was created under the brand name, Premier Pure.

“With many businesses struggling to survive and retain their employee base, it is more important than ever for businesses to reevaluate their business strategies. Taking a new approach and expanding into a new line of business is not only a great way for businesses to succeed, but also to provide an essential service during these uncertain times,” says Dean Oliver, Principal at NFS Leasing, Inc. “We were ready to help our customer RPP Product, do just that.”

“At RPP we have been working closely with NFS Leasing for just over a year now and the partnership has proven to be extremely valuable,” Eric Zwigart, CEO of RPP Products stated. “When we saw an opportunity to expand our business while helping the general public stay safe and healthy through these hard times, NFS was there to help us get it done and we are extremely grateful for that.”


NFS Leasing, Inc. Supplies Plastic Recycling Start-Up with Equipment Financing to Occupy Facility and Commence Operations

NFS Leasing, Inc. and start-up plastic recycling company, Pike Plastics Recycling, LLC, have established an equipment finance partnership that allows the start-up to launch operations with necessary recycling equipment.

Pike Plastics was established in late 2019 with the goal of keeping plastic out of landfills. It needed a financial partner that could work with a pre-revenue start-up and understand the financial need and complexity of the business. It also needed a partner who was responsive and fast. NFS Leasing specializes in equipment financing for start-ups, pre-revenue businesses as well as, challenged credit companies, and companies in turnaround.

“Start-up businesses can require complex structures from a credit perspective,” says David Denniss, NFS Leasing’s Vice President of Sales, Canada. “However, when a start-up has a solid business plan and structure to pair with a great cause, it makes it easier for the NFS team to construct a deal that benefits both parties. We are proud to support Pike Plastics in its journey to rid landfills of unnecessary plastic.”

“NFS Leasing was incredibly helpful through the process. Their transparency allowed us to be comfortable upon completion and launch operations knowing we will have the equipment we need,” Charles Niehaus, Principal at Pike Plastics remarks. “The ability to fulfill our facilities equipment needs will allow us to stay on schedule and begin working toward and accomplishing our goals.”


NFS Leasing, Inc. Rises to the Challenge to support Crane and Machinery Rental Servicers Accelerated Demand

NFS Leasing, Inc. and Longhorn Corp., have struck an $840K equipment finance agreement that will supply the crane and machinery rental servicer with the equipment needed to support its increase in demand.

Longhorn Corp. provides superior lifting services in the New York Metropolitan area with a focus on safety and customer service. Operating in New York City requires increased insurance obligations and substantial capital investments. Longhorn’s access to both of those is crucial when expanding its business. Recently, its rental demand surged. Already having met the insurance requirements, Longhorn needed capital investment to purchase a supplementary crane to meet the rapid rental demands. This additional equipment would create a significant increase in Longhorn’s monthly revenue.

“At NFS, our success relies on our customer’s success,” says Brett Poteet, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “Recognizing the impact this equipment would have on Longhorn’s business, we knew we had an opportunity to create an important partnership with a growing company.”

“It is always a bit exciting and scary when demand rises quickly,” Matt Maidenberg, CEO of Longhorn Corp. expresses. “We knew we had a significant opportunity, but we also knew we needed the right partner to understand our opportunity and allow us to reach it. NFS Leasing did just that. Now with the new crane in house, we are ramping up our operations and are excited to provide more customers with safe, effective, and efficient cranes.”


NFS Leasing, Inc’s. Story Financing Transforms Scrap Metal Processing Business Twin Salvage, with $8 Million Agreement

Twin Salvage launched its scrap metal processing business in 2017, where it began cutting up and liquidating large metal structures such as oil drilling rigs, trailers and steel buildings. Through new partnerships, Twin Salvage continued to grow allowing it to significantly expand its inventory. While an exciting expansion, this required a hefty $8 Million equipment expense. The sizable equipment investment would allow Twin Salvage to build up and support the growth, immediately transforming it into a considerably larger company with a multitude of possibilities.

NFS Leasing, Inc. specializes in complex equipment finance agreements such as the one Twin Salvage presented. NFS Leasing worked attentively with Twin Salvage, listened to their story and determined what their needs were to find a flexible and mutually beneficial equipment finance agreement. This financial partnership allowed Twin Salvage to purchase the equipment immediately, while avoiding heavy monthly fees, something that would help the company more than expected as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“No two companies are the same and that means no two NFS Leasing agreements are the same. This was certainly a unique partnership,” says Jon Preiser, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “But NFS likes a good challenge and we approach each situation as unique and provide a custom solution. We will continue in partnership with Twin Salvage and look forward to seeing their growth and achievements, immediately, through the pandemic and well into the future.”

“The partnership with NFS Leasing has added incredible value to our business,” states Kile Brendle, President of Twin Salvage. “The equipment we financed, will be transformative, allowing us to go above and beyond our original goals. This transformation is only possible thanks to the NFS Leasing team and the support they provide.”


NFS Leasing, Inc. Demonstrates Continued Focus and Commitment as The Story Lender adding Michael Johnson, Chief Restructuring Officer

Michael Johnson has joined NFS Leasing, Inc. as Chief Restructuring Officer, Equipment Finance. The move demonstrates NFS Leasing. Inc’s. continued focus and commitment as THE Story Lender serving the challenged credit customer, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

“We’re pleased to welcome Mike Johnson to our leadership team. As a story lender, listening to the customer story and situation to find a customized finance solution, is what we do every day. Carrying that approach through each aspect of the business, including restructuring, is critical to serving our customers in the most difficult of times,” said Cliff Rucker, Chief Executive Officer, NFS Leasing, Inc.

Michael Johnson is an accomplished legal executive with a proven track record of structuring, managing, and closing business acquisitions, asset-based financing, and complex corporate debt financings. Prior to joining NFS Leasing Mike served as Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer at Beacon Rail Leasing, Inc. Earlier in his career he was Managing Director at Amherst Advisors PLLC and Vice President, Senior Counsel at BTMU Capital Corporation.

Mike Johnson can be reached at [email protected] or 978-564-3961.


NFS Leasing Supports Testing Laboratory Facing Increased Demands Amid COVID-19

Existing customer Molecular Testing Labs needed additional laboratory testing equipment fast as demands soared due to COVID-19 concerns. NFS Leasing was able to complete an equipment finance agreement quickly supporting their opportunity to meet the customer’s demand.

Molecular offers products that eliminate the traditional barriers to testing and treatment. Its mission is to provide accessible and innovative laboratory solutions by revolutionizing access to convenient and affordable testing. With the unexpected challenges of 2020, Molecular was forced to react to new testing demands and faced an immediate need for more, unbudgeted testing equipment. They required fast financing with flexibility on their terms, and NFS Leasing was a perfect partner. The equipment financed assists in SARS-CoV-2 antibody testing.

“Healthcare is always evolving to meet consumer demands,” Rich Vassallo, vice president of Business Development at NFS Leasing, said. “Finding partners like Molecular that are leading the revolution in healthcare is a key strategy for NFS. The need to move quickly to capture the opportunity meant fast and flexible equipment financing was a priority.”

“The increase in demand happened almost overnight and we needed to move quickly to seize the opportunity,” Varun Kumar, senior financial analyst at Molecular Testing Labs, said. “NFS understood the situation we were facing, and the team worked diligently to ensure the agreement was completed on time. The agreement was flexible enough to allow us to continue with little disruption to our business. Combining speed and flexibility for an equipment finance agreement is what made NFS Leasing the perfect partner for us.”


NFS Leasing, Inc. Completes Complex Story Financing for Second-Generation Family-Owned Welding and Gas Supply Business

A new equipment finance partnership has been established between NFS Leasing, Inc. and small business Ann Arbor Welding Supply Company. The family-owned and operated firm possessed a complex story that traditional lenders were having difficulty getting comfortable with. Luckily, NFS specializes in story lending and was able to provide Ann Arbor with the financial partner it needed during these complicated times.

Ann Arbor Welding Supply Company originated in 1963, and has been family-owned and operated ever since, with the current owners in place since 1974. It focuses on providing customers with high quality, professional gas and welding equipment and top-notch customer service. The second-generation family-owned operation was in significant need of manufacturing equipment. Upholding their high productivity standards for immediate and impending work was in jeopardy. The equipment financing agreement provides $230K allowing Ann Arbor to sustain and essentially increase its productivity.

“Even businesses that have been around for 60 years need help sometimes,” says Craig Cooper, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “It may not be our typical large finance agreement but providing financing and in turn allowing a family-owned business such as Ann Arbor to get the financing they need, is a very rewarding partnership.”

“NFS was a pleasure to work with, as we quickly discovered that they share many of the same values as Ann Arbor,” states Chris Zombor of Ann Arbor Welding Supply Company. “We found that NFS focused on providing good financing and incredible customer service. The team at NFS worked alongside our team and together we were able to come to a solid agreement, where all parties came out the other side happy.”


Underground Construction Company Finds its Equipment Finance Partner in NFS Leasing, Inc.

NFS Leasing, Inc. and Valor Underground have recently completed a third equipment finance agreement in as many months.

Valor Underground is an underground construction start-up founded just three months prior to its first agreement with NFS Leasing. After signing a two-year contract for a construction project, Valor partnered with NFS to fund the necessary equipment to successfully complete the engagement.

“Helping start-ups begin to write their story is part of what makes NFS Leasing so unique as a story lender,” says Michael McClendon, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “Continuing to be a part of that story is even more powerful. We value becoming a long-term partner with start-up businesses like Valor and in helping them achieve continued success.”

“Starting a new business was certainly a complicated venture and one that can become very rewarding or unfruitful quickly,” Robert Opsenica, President of Valor Underground. “NFS Leasing has made sure that our story will end with the former being true. When we signed the two-year contract for a new project, we knew we needed to finance the equipment, but as a start-up, it was difficult to get anybody to listen. Thankfully NFS took the time to understand our business and help us find a way to get it done.”

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