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NFS Leasing is a privately-held North American leader in equipment finance with over 15 years of experience. NFS provides equipment financing and secured loans to small and middle market non-investment grade companies in the U.S. and Canada.
NFS uses its own balance sheet capital and provides fast, flexible credit decisions.


Beverly, Mass.—NFS Leasing, Inc., a privately-held leader in equipment finance…
reports 32

NFS Leasing, Inc. Reports 32% Year-Over-Year Growth of Originations in 2022

NFS Leasing Extrends Financing to Ziosk

NFS Leasing, Inc. Extends Financing for Ziosk® to Support its Accelerated Growth and Exciting Demands

Heather Lee
Employee Spotlight: Heather Lee, Manager of Leasing Services


asset based loans
NFS Leasing, Inc. expands its offerings to include Asset Based Loans
NFS Leasing, Inc. Reports 16% Year-Over-Year Growth of Originations in 2021
NFS Leasing, Inc. Reports 16% Year-Over-Year Growth of Originations in 2021
NFS Leasing, Inc. appoints Dana Calumby to Chief Financial Officer
NFS Leasing, Inc. appoints Eric P. Renaud to Chief Credit Officer
NFS Leasing, inc. To offer off-lease equipment for sale or lease
NFS Leasing, Inc. 16% Year-Over-Year Growth

NFS Leasing, Inc. Reports 16% year-over-year growth of originations in 2020

ashley wyman

Ashley Whyman appointed president of NFS Leasing, Inc.

NFS Leasing Growth
NFS Leasing reports 20% originations increase, headquarters expansion, 2019
NFS Leasing Pledging $1 Million to Give Back
Story lender NFS Leasing, Inc. Announces $1 million giving back pledge by 2021
NFS Leasing, Inc. Adds Jonas D.L. McCray as General Counsel

NFS Leasing, Inc. Adds Jonas D.L. McCray as general counsel


industrial equipment financing

NFS Leasing, Inc’s. Story financing transforms scrap metal processing business Twin Salvage, with $8 million agreement

Flow Water Incorporated

NFS Leasing, Inc. Finances $6.5mm for socially responsible Food and Beverage Disrupter, flow alkaline spring water

industrial equipment financing

NFS Leasing inks third funding agreement with Valor Underground

start up image 2
NFS Leasing, Inc. Supplies plastic recycling start-up with equipment financing to occupy facility and commence operations


Crane/Machinery Equipment Financing
NFS Leasing, Inc. Rises to the challenge to support crane and machinery rental servicers accelerated demand
NFS Leasing Partners With Starlite Media
NFS Leasing, Inc. Partners with Digital Media Disruptor, Starlite Media LLC to expand reach into new regional markets
Equipment financing for Hand Sanitizer Production
NFS Leasing, Inc. Helps existing customer expand its business to hand sanitizer production

NFS Leasing, Inc. Unearths new opportunities with Mega Highwall Mining, with $11.8MM financing

NFS Leasing Supports Testing Laboratory

NFS Leasing supports testing laboratory facing increased demands amid COVID-19

Working Capital

NFS Leasing, Inc. closes debt financing with AG Manufacturing that buy’s out existing lender and provides working capital

Sanuwave Health, Incorporated

SANUWAVE signs $1,000,000 equipment financing line with NFS Leasing

Funding for Gravity Diagnostics for COVID-19 Testing
Equipment finance leader, NFS Leasing, Inc. Provides critically needed funding to gravity diagnostics for covid-19 testing
equipment financing for solar company

NFS Leasing, Inc. Extends financing for aura energy services to support the growing demands of solar PV foundation installations


Welding and Gas Supply Business Equipment Financing

NFS Leasing, Inc. completes complex story financing for second-generation family-owned welding and gas supply business

Rocket Manufacturing

NFS Leasing, Inc. launches partnership with Rocket Manufacturing Company to fuel testing

Gro-Well Inc Equipment Financing with NFS LEasing

Partnership between NFS Leasing, Inc. and Gro-Well Brands Inc. blossoms this spring with expanded equipment finance

CDC Certified Testing Center

CDC Certified COVID-19 testing center facing rapid volume increase turns to NFS Leasing, Inc. for fast equipment financing

Equipment Financing to GlyEco

NFS Leasing provides $4.55MM lease line to GlyEco

manufacturing equipment financing
High precision manufacturer with immediate need to upgrade equipment, quickly constructs new partnership with NFS Leasing, Inc.


Monitor 2022 NextGen Leader: Dana Calumby, CFO of NFS Leasing

Employee Spotlight: Dan Salstein, Associate General Counsel

Employee Spotlight:
Craig Cooper, VP of Business Development

2020 Women’s List Ashley Whyman
Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Ashley Whyman
Christine Minaya

Employee Spotlight: Christine Minaya, Accounting Manager

Person of the Year Cliff Rucker
Person of the Year:
Cliff Rucker


Construction and Reclamation Services, Inc.

Construction and Reclamation Services LLC (CRS) is an early-stage environmental recovery company that rebuilds lands that have been damaged by mining operations.

Lema Materials LLC

Previously operating in the trucking services business, Lema Materials LLC recognized a new opportunity.

Trident Transport LLC Chattanooga, TN
After consummating the deal with NFS Leasing, Trident Trucking was able to cut its monthly equipment expense in half.
Salcido Enterprises, LLC
Salcido has two large capital requirements: building a sufficient data center facility and acquiring the required servers.

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