Employee Spotlight:
Heather Lee

Heather Lee

Manager of Leasing Services

At the heart of NFS Leasing is a creative, collaborative, and inclusive work environment where everyone has a seat at the table. Heather Lee exemplifies the key attributes and core values of NFS through her work, willingness to support her coworkers with respect and professionalism, and desire to put forth her best ideas to help her team, the company, and its clients.

Heather joined NFS Leasing as the Sales Support and Contracts Assistant in August 2015. Soon after, she stepped into the role of Leasing Administrator. She is an important member of the NFS team and plays a critical role in seeing leases through the process, from credit decisions to funding. Her most recent accomplishment is her promotion to Manager of Leasing Services in 2023.

With nearly 20 years of experience spanning the sales, commodities, and finance industries, she brings an abundance of practical knowledge and skills to NFS that make her successful in all that she does within her role at the company. Throughout her career, Heather has always enjoyed working with customers to provide excellent customer service and collaborating with her colleagues to achieve shared goals.

Heather currently oversees all documentation involved in the leasing process. She supports multiple members of the sales team and works in conjunction with teams across the company to bring lease packages through the process to the final funding stage.

She is most proud of her career growth and advancement within NFS. She challenged herself early on to learn as much as possible about the Contracts department and its processes so she could move into a contracts position. She is grateful for the tremendous support and training she received from her coworkers to achieve this professional goal.

Her work at NFS is something she finds deeply fulfilling because she knows she is playing a part in helping growing small businesses get the financial assistance they need that they cannot get through traditional funding. She feels connected to her work, colleagues, and the company and hopes that she can continue to make a difference for her clients during a very challenging economic time for businesses everywhere who are fighting to keep their doors open.

Heather’s hard work and long-time dedication to NFS Leasing have led to many successes for her team, company, and clients. She is truly excited about her future with the company and is hopeful that her work will have a lasting impact on future and existing NFS clients.