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NFS Leasing is a flexible, innovative and creative equipment financing leader that has been providing solutions to customers across the U.S. and Canada for more than 15 years. We are privately-held and use our own capital to make in-house credit decisions that help fund our customers equipment finance needs.

NFS services equipment leases and loans from $25K – $250K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions).

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Unlock your business potential by securing the right commercial equipment financing. NFS Leasing is a privately-held leader in Equipment Finance across the U.S. and Canada with more than 15 years of experience. Our experienced management team will take time to listen to your story to provide you with a fast equipment finance solution.

Whether yours is a emerging company, pre-revenue, company, or a company in a turnaround phase, NFS Leasing will consider your finance request. NFS Leasing uses its own capital and makes in-house credit decisions to help companies grow and thrive.

We want to hear your story. Contact us and let NFS Leasing help your company reach its full potential.

“NFS was willing to sign lease deals that were fair, while it felt like other leasing companies would take advantage of us at every opportunity. It seemed as if NFS wanted to get the deal done. There were no onerous processes, no particularly crafted steps and procedures to follow, which made NFS easy to work with.”
Malachi Salcido | Salcido Enterprises


NFS Leasing works with a select group of brokers to fund our mutual customer’s commercial equipment financing needs quickly and efficiently. We service customers in both the U.S. and Canada, and are seeking high-quality brokers in all our industries and geographies.

It is a simple formula but one that is often difficult to find in a funding partner: The ability to listen and understand a client’s story ensures that we offer flexible equipment finance solutions regardless of the industry or circumstance. NFS Leasing is a funding source, makes its own credit decisions, documents and services all its leases and loans, from $25K – $150K (small-ticket program) and up to $15M (flexible custom solutions).

Having helped a wide array of businesses grow through commercial equipment financing for more than 15 years, we have eclipsed $1,000,000,000 in lease and loan originations, and have unique capabilities for those customers with non-investment grade credit (C, D, and Storied Credits).

We want to hear your customers’ story. Contact us and let NFS Leasing help you become the solution for your customers.

“The communication with NFS Leasing was great. They were very easy to reach, hassle-free, and extremely knowledgeable. They were simple and straightforward; very honest and upfront with what could be accomplished. We were successfully able to write our project plan based on NFS’s commitment and that helped start off the project on the right foot.”
Frank Bou | Trident Trucking

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Many vendors are challenged when trying to obtain commercial equipment financing for their customers with lower quality credit. NFS Leasing specializes in working with customers that do not qualify for traditional commercial equipment financing whether the customer is an emerging company or one that currently faces financial challenges. NFS Leasing delivers customized vendor financing programs to help our vendor partners increase sales in their competitive marketplaces.

NFS’s senior finance experts work to create programs that speed selling cycles, remove obstacles and close business – all while taking the time to carefully consider the strategic goals of the end-user customer. NFS Leasing is the preferred alternative lender for many vendors to help augment existing leasing partnerships they may have for their A & B credit customers.

We want to hear your customers’ story. Contact us and let NFS Leasing extend your credit score cut off and increase your revenues.

“Having worked with NFS Leasing at a prior firm, when we started Disruptor Beam I did not hesitate to call on them again. Dean and the team at NFS Leasing really “get it.” They listen and understand our story and our needs, and they have numerous vendor relationships that help provide a superior level of service. When we grow they are always willing to grow with us. I recommend them highly.”
Jon Radoff, CEO | Disruptor Beam


Now you can provide an alternative solution to your businesses that aren’t presently ready for traditional financing by partnering with NFS Leasing. NFS Leasing specializes in financing options for emerging businesses by providing customized commercial equipment financing solutions. Don’t leave your customers with an unmet financial need. A partnership with NFS Leasing provides Banks and Asset Based Lending companies support for their non-investment grade credit clients mitigating risk and credit exposure, bridging funding gaps, and increasing customer retention.

We want to partner with you. Contact us and let NFS Leasing provide you the opportunity to help those customers when, due to credit policies, you cannot approve their application.

“As a growing technology firm with state-of-the-art data and technology requirements, having updated equipment is essential to the growth of our business. That’s why we rely on, and wholeheartedly recommend, NFS to take care of any equipment finance needs.”
Cy Smith, Founder & CEO | AirSage

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NFS Leasing continues to develop a network of professional referral partners to fund business customers’ commercial equipment financing needs. We service customers in both the U.S. and Canada and seek new referral partners in all our industries and geographies. We proactively develop new relationships and cultivate our long-term partners, providing liquidity and preserving working capital. These relationships are built on trust and transparency.

A partnership with NFS Leasing provides Advisory Firms, Management Consultants and Venture Capitalists the support for their non-investment grade clients by providing financing solutions where traditional lenders cannot, expanding your brand value to your clients.

Together we can help create opportunities for new or growing businesses to thrive. We want to partner with you. Contact us and let NFS Leasing help you strengthen your clients’ success.

“NFS was patient when we engaged with them and I really appreciated that. We had a unique situation being a waterpark and having a lot of moving parts from the manufacturer. Finding a financial partner that had the ability to be flexible in the terms and the patience to deal with inconsistent communication from the manufacturer was incredibly helpful for us.”
Monty Galland, CEO | Big Rivers Waterpark (BRTX)


NFS Leasing provides our valued partners with the opportunity to purchase or lease affordable off-lease equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to secure equipment recently off-lease that has not yet reached its full life.

With more companies balancing the need to upgrade and expand with limited CapEx budgets, the ability to acquire quality assets with significant useful life remaining at a discount brings unique value to our partners. As a provider of equipment capital to high growth companies, we offer high demand, off-lease assets across a wide variety of industries.

The NFS Leasing off-lease equipment inventory will include Information Technology and Networking, Medical, Surgical, Imaging, Scientific Analysis, Laboratory Testing, Manufacturing, and Construction equipment.

Explore NFS Leasing’s current featured equipment inventory, available for immediate purchase or lease. Contact us today to learn more about our off-lease equipment offerings, or how we can provide a custom equipment finance solution for any new or off-lease equipment.

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It is common for many businesses to undergo cash constraints. Whether emerging or established, private or public, cash constraints can arise. NFS Leasing is here to help and will listen to your story, understand your needs, and work with you to construct a custom equipment finance solution that meets your needs.
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