Monitor 2022 NextGen Leader:
Dana Calumby, CFO of NFS Leasing

Monitor 2022 NextGen Leaders: Dana Calumby, CFO of NFS Leasing

Dana Calumby recently assumed the role of chief financial officer of NFS Leasing, an independent equipment financer serving sub-investment grade businesses including C, D and storied credits. Calumby provides strategic and operational management for all aspects of finance and accounting at NFS Leasing.

Calumby is a seasoned finance professional with more than 16 years of experience and has a proven track record of partnering with customers and business leaders throughout the equipment leasing and finance industry.

Calumby began working in the finance department at NFS Leasing in 2009, and most recently served as NFS Leasing’s vice president of finance. In this role, she oversaw the day-to-day accounting and finance activities while also playing a key role in maintaining and growing the NFS Leasing portfolio. Prior to joining NFS Leasing, Calumby held a variety of leadership accounting positions at Sperry Products and Advanced Visual Systems.

During Calumby’s 16-year tenure, NFS Leasing has strategically expanded the assets it finances, the industries it serves and its securitization process and while also adjusting its product offerings. Calumby has assembled a team of financial experts to support its growing portfolio, product offerings and business growth.

Calumby leads a highly skilled and knowledgeable finance and accounting team.

“Our business is quite complex, so keeping a simple approach to leadership is the key to our success,” Calumby said. “Through my experience at NFS Leasing, building trusted relationships with our customers and partners, being flexible and finding solutions to problems are cornerstones in serving these businesses. It is essential to build a trusting and collaborative relationship. I work hard to build the same core elements of trust and collaboration within the team.”

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