AACFB “Meet the Funder Series”
Featuring Dean Oliver, EVP of Sales

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NFS Leasing is known for providing Fast, Flexible Finance Solutions.  

The concepts of “Fast” and “Flexible” are things that we take seriously with each transaction.  This is especially important as most businesses we finance need mission-critical equipment, equipment that generates revenue, or requires working capital to advance their company.  

We work with businesses that are not able to secure financing from a bank.  These non-bankable businesses may be a C, D, or Story Credit customer. 

We work with turnaround businesses.  Businesses that may be bouncing back from a challenging situation or even coming out of bankruptcy. 

We work with emerging companies. Companies that are just starting out or perhaps those that are in a hyper-growth situation… These companies may have limited revenue or may even be in a pre-revenue situation because they are launching a new product or entering a new market.  

Essentially NFS Leasing serves any customer that has been turned down by a traditional funding source and requires critical funds to support their business.  

NFS Leasing is a story credit lender.  That’s our slogan… “We are THE story lender.

Like most lenders, we look at basic financials. However, we also consider the business story, the background of the management team, the equipment and the business need or opportunity when we provide a creative finance solution.  

We listen. We understand that each business situation is different and that a simple analysis of financials may not accurately reflect the business and the opportunities the company has.  

We like to fund opportunities that will transform our customers’ businesses.  

This creates opportunities for businesses…. Their employees…. and the economy in general.  That is why NFS Leasing is in business.  To make a positive impact. To help companies to grow and thrive. 

At the highest level, NFS Leasing is an independent equipment finance leader, and we have more than 16 years of experience. 

NFS provides equipment financing, and… a more recent NFS Leasing offering… is that we also offer secured loans. I will get into the details of our secured loan offering in a minute. 

NFS serves small and middle-market sub-investment grade companies in the U.S. and Canada.

We are specialized and experienced in financing story credit customers. THAT is ALL we do.  I’ll walk you through our experience and track record here…

As mentioned, NFS is creative, SPECIALIZED, and EXPERIENCED 

Our business model and process enable us to make decisions on factors beyond simple the simple financial statements.  

We pride ourselves on finding alternative and creative financial solutions to help serve the customer.

The company comes from humble beginnings and has grown tremendously, serving over $1B in lease originations. 

We are happy to share that we achieved a 16% growth in originations again this past year. 

We have an incredibly experienced team that I am proud to work alongside, and the team is always ready to serve you and your customer. 

I have been with the company since its inception, and let me tell you – WE GET A CHALLENGING SITUATION!  

NFS Leasing wants to have an IMPACT:  That is an important value of ours.

NFS positively impacts the economy… by infusing capital into businesses that need cash…  helping them to achieve their business opportunity…  and, of course, fueling growth for many of you listening today —  our NFS Broker Partners!

NFS is pleased to also have made a positive impact by giving back to the community and achieving our $1 million giving back pledge last year.   

Now you know more about WHO NFS Leasing is, our track record, and our experience. 

Transforming a Construction Business

A brief example by way of a story: 

  • NFS was introduced to two entrepreneurs who had a growing construction and demolition business.
  • They had been renting equipment to perform services for a key customer but had landed a new contract with this customer for a longer term. 
  • They needed financing to buy out their rental equipment but were turned down by several lenders before being introduced to NFS Leasing.
  • NFS took the time to understand the opportunity, and we saw that the financing could be transformational for their business, and with a longer term, that they could double their profits.
  • We created a structure that allowed the entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity and ultimately provided the ability for their firm to grow, capitalize on this opportunity, and to realize its potential
  • We have since provided three additional financings for this customer
  • This is a good example of the type of challenge that NFS Leasing was created to meet.

We have various finance solutions, and it’s important to know that NFS Leasing not only documents but also services all our leases – creating a smooth process that completes your deal. 

A couple of unique elements about NFS Leasing to review today are:

  • We service transactions up to $15M.  
  • We also have a program for fast small-ticket transactions up to $150K. 
  • Our structures and terms are flexible depending upon your customers’ needs — whether that be a short-term lease, seasonal payments, skip payments or step-up or step-down payments. We want to find a solution that works for your customer.  
  • NFS Leasing is industry agnostic and serves most every industry and asset class. The only exception to mention is the  Cannabis Industry.  We do not fund Cannabis transactions in the U.S., but we do fund Cannabis in Canada.  
  • Many of our team members specialize in asset classes, enabling a smooth transaction and allowing them to add value through their experience.  

Regarding lease and loan options, FMV and $1 Buyouts are most common for us, but we are known for some unique finance solutions. We can get very innovative to help get the deal closed. 

We also provide Sale and Leaseback transactions and most recently have expanded our Asset Based Loan offering, which I will speak to in more detail on the following page. 

So, NFS Leasing is your one-stop funding partner for all your non-bankable businesses.  No matter what your customers’ situation, the asset class or industry, or the size of the transaction, NFS Leasing will find a solution to get your challenged deals approved.  We understand that your goal as a broker is to get the deal done, and that’s what we want. 

To start our discussion on Asset Based Loans, I’d like to ask you, brokers…. 

Do you have a current customer with cash flow or working capital needs? 

Perhaps a client requires immediate working capital, bridge financing, has an unexpected opportunity, or has strategic plans to grow its business?  

You may have reached out to this customer or prospect to check in and see how you can help them, and you get an earful of one of these scenarios…. “I’ve got all the business assets I need right now. I need money to run my business.  I have these amazing opportunities to expand into a new market but I am growing so fast and I need free flow cash to support my growth.”

I am sure many of you have heard variations of this type of customer story.  

Understanding how an asset-based loan can help serve those customers is an opportunity you may be interested in learning more about.  

NFS Leasing’s expanded offering of Asset Based Loans.

NFS has been serving Asset Based Loans for some time now as a solution for customers that need working capital.  

  • A business may need working capital for immediate day-to-day operations and/or growth opportunities.  
  • Significant new projects, such as an expansion in production or entering new markets, can require significant investment.  
  • Investments in new projects or such initiatives reduce cash flow.  

We find that an ABL is an excellent option for customers with such stories.    

Earlier this year, we announced our expanded Asset Based Loan offering and are pleased to be assisting many customers with an NFS ABL.

As a broker who may be speaking with a customer needing working capital or perhaps connecting with a past customer… If you are hearing feedback from them that they need funds to support the business… an NFS ABL is a solution you can now provide.  An ABL is a solid solution to offer customers with such needs.

Many businesses build up equity in their business assets.

  • These assets can be used to secure an NFS ABL and the working capital they need. 
  • An ABL may be a good solution for businesses needing cash flow that have a resource or asset. Companies that have sufficient capital but have a short-term need for more.
  • An ABL is not a solution for early-stage businesses as they likely have no assets. 

Obviously, with an ABL, there is more complexity to the offering, and we have been speaking with many of our Broker Partners about this offering.  If you want to learn more about NFS Leasing’s asset based loan solutions, give us a call.  We can provide you with more detailed information and guide you through what an asset based loan is, what assets can be utilized for working capital and how you can include an ABL in your customer toolkit to enhance your customer relationships and your bottom line. 

NFS Leasing’s simple and seamless process.

We have over 16 years of experience in serving the Broker community. We understand that as a Broker, your contribution is valuable.  We also understand that while finding financing is critical, time is a valuable asset, so we will work to be responsive and timely to you and your customer on every transaction.

Trust is critical in a successful relationship. We understand that and create trusting long-term partnerships with our broker partners.  We keep our brokers informed and copy them on the communications with the customer. 

We want to get deals done, and we want to get you paid.  

NFS Leasing wants you to find value in working together and will work to create a genuine, longstanding partnership in which we can both grow together.

While I know a good amount of the Broker community and many members of the AACFB are working with NFS Leasing already.  If you want to reconnect or learn more about the Asset Based Loan offering, give us a call.   

If you are not yet an NFS Leasing Broker Program member, you can easily connect with us on our website or call me directly, and we will get you signed up. Even if you have a deal right now, contact us, and we will work your sign-up simultaneously with the deal you are currently engaged in and get one step ahead. 

I hope this was valuable information and that NFS Leasing can help you serve your next story credit customer and save you the hassle of searching for a finance solution.   

We get the challenged credit and sub-investment grade customers.  We review and approve C, D, and storied credits every day of the week.  That’s all we do!

Again, our contact information is listed here.  You can call us at 866-970-4NFS or email us at [email protected] or complete a form on our website at nfsleasing.com. 

Thank you for listening, and the NFS team looks forward to partnering with you on your next storied credit deal.