Fueling Your Inner, Everyday Olympian

Finding a Lender More Interested in Potential Than Medal Count

We love the Olympics. Every four years, we watch our country’s competitors take the world stage and go for gold. We stand in awe of their achievement and the attributes that make them Olympians. They commit their lives to their sport with determination, passion, and perseverance few can understand but all admire. But it can be a battle to reach such an achievement.

Most of the time, these athletes overcome crushing adversity. From upset defeats to injuries to pandemic interference, they find a way to succeed. They remind us of the best parts of ourselves–inspiring us to find our own everyday inner Olympian. But they don’t overcome these obstacles alone. A village of coaches behind the scenes powers them over the hurdles placed in their path. And when they’re in a challenging situation, finding the right coach is critical.

Your Company, Your Inner-Olympian, and Finding the Right Coach.

The achievement of building a company in the face of the competition in today’s market is, without a doubt, an Inner-Olympian level of achievement. But like the athletes we admire, you have your own set of obstacles to overcome. When you face hurdles as an early-stage, high-growth, or turnaround company, you’ll need a finance ‘coach’ to achieve greatness—someone willing to reach further to help you succeed when most won’t.

So, what are the ‘coaching’ attributes of a lender that can help you overcome financial obstacles and fund the needs of your early-stage, high-growth, or turnaround business.

  1. They want to know you. To help an Olympian overcome a challenge, a coach needs to know more than the goal. They need to know the person, their practices, their strengths, and their opportunities. A lender willing to help your company go further does the same. A story lender investment is in the people running the business and understanding the journey behind you and the opportunity in front of you.
  2. They reach beyond the numbers. The history of performance is important. Data is important. Trends are also important. But they’re not everything. A great coach looks beyond the numbers and into the techniques, practices, and most importantly, the Olympian’s vision, potential, and competitive opportunity. Traditional lending often stops at the historical measures of success. But a lender for Story credit companies is more interested in your future than your past. Like a great coach, they are more interested in your potential than your medal count.
  3. They deliver results with unique expertise. When facing a challenge, having a coach that has helped other athletes move beyond a similar challenge with an amazing set of skills and expertise may be the difference between being an Olympian and not. Financially challenged companies need a lender with a unique set of skills. Whether it’s getting creative with customized equipment finance or ‘softer’ collateral or finding value in new customer contracts, a lender with a specialty in funding the needs of financially challenged companies can deliver results consistently in the face of hurdles too high for traditional lending.
  4. They are determined. Coaches of athletes coming back from a challenge know the path may not be easy—and they thrive on it. Story credit lenders welcome the challenge and are determined to find a way forward. They solve financial problems every day. That’s all they do.
  5. They are in the fight with you. You’ll often hear of the athlete getting to the gym at 4 AM every day for years to overcome the injury and get back to the medal podium. But the coach is often at the gym at 4 AM as well. A Story credit lender should be in the fight with you and working to help you achieve in an environment where traditional lending can feel like an adversary.

Grab Your Coach. Get To Work.

Experience, dedication, expertise, perseverance, and passion aren’t just the attributes of the Olympian. They’re also the attributes of the coach that helps them achieve their dream. Selecting a lender that sees the power of your potential and can find a path forward to funding your early-stage, hyper-growth and turnaround company is your next step.

The medal podium is waiting.

About NFS Leasing:
NFS Leasing is a privately held leader in Equipment Finance across the U.S. and Canada with nearly two decades of experience. NFS Leasing is a story lender and provides flexible equipment finance solutions supporting businesses and organizations with challenged credit, including start-up & pre-revenue, financially distressed, and turnaround companies. NFS uses its own balance sheet capital and provides fast, flexible credit decisions. For nearly two decades, NFS Leasing is proud to have created thousands of jobs and infused almost $1,000,000,000 of capital into credit-challenged firms, a segment of the economy struggling to secure critically needed equipment financing.