NFS Leasing, Inc. Finances $6.5MM for Socially Responsible Food and Beverage Disrupter, Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Founded in late 2014, Flow Alkaline Spring Water was built on the principles of being the world’s first socially responsible water company. Independent equipment financer, NFS Leasing, Inc. has provided Flow Alkaline Spring Water with the support it needed to further expand its offering across Canada and into the U.S.

Completing multiple transactions beginning 2017 and through 2019, NFS Leasing, Inc. has provided Flow Alkaline Spring Water with over $6.5MM needed for Manufacturing Equipment.

Although, Flow Alkaline Spring Water was receiving incredible support from its shareholders, it still had not reached positive cash flow. “It is common for early stage businesses to undergo short term cash limitations,” said David DePamphilis, EVP Sales and COO at NFS Leasing, Inc. “At NFS Leasing, we have the ability to appreciate the vision of entrepreneurial companies and provide the funds to expand that vision.”

“Working through the initial challenges with NFS was excellent. The level of responsiveness was fantastic, and they have an extremely high level of service. It was a great process,” said Matthew Hoar, CFO of Flow Water. “NFS followed a simple process. The communication was fast and realistic. Overall, I would give NFS an A+.”

Completing the agreements with NFS Leasing Inc. has allowed Flow Alkaline Spring Water to build out two production facilities, one in Canada and one in the U.S.