NFS Leasing, Inc. Unearths New Opportunities with Mega Highwall Mining, with $11.8MM Financing

Mega Highwall Mining LLC. is a coal mining company founded in 2015. It operates both ADDCAR and Superior Highwall Mining Systems. Mega Highwall operates its machines on land that has previously been used as a mining site. The company’s automation can make coal mining less dangerous by not requiring miners to go underground to mine.

NFS Leasing, Inc. and Mega Highwall Mining have implemented multiple transactions comprising more than $11.8MM in total financing. Mega Highwall recently returned to NFS Leasing as its partner to complete a $4MM finance transaction. “Having structured multiple deals with them, it’s safe to say I appreciate their partnership,” said Daniel Bunn, Owner of Mega Highwall Mining of NFS Leasing, Inc.

Engaging with NFS Leasing through a broker, Mega Highwall worked with NFS Leasing to rebuild their highwall miners. “Sometimes it is a real challenge for companies to grow at the speed needed on their own,” says Jim Murphy, Principal, NFS Leasing, “But we pride ourselves in helping to service that growth with companies like Mega Highwall, to realize and help reach their potential.”