NFS Leasing, Inc. Rises to the Challenge to support Crane and Machinery Rental Servicers Accelerated Demand

NFS Leasing, Inc. and Longhorn Corp., have struck an $840K equipment finance agreement that will supply the crane and machinery rental servicer with the equipment needed to support its increase in demand.

Longhorn Corp. provides superior lifting services in the New York Metropolitan area with a focus on safety and customer service. Operating in New York City requires increased insurance obligations and substantial capital investments. Longhorn’s access to both of those is crucial when expanding its business. Recently, its rental demand surged. Already having met the insurance requirements, Longhorn needed capital investment to purchase a supplementary crane to meet the rapid rental demands. This additional equipment would create a significant increase in Longhorn’s monthly revenue.

“At NFS, our success relies on our customer’s success,” says Brett Poteet, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “Recognizing the impact this equipment would have on Longhorn’s business, we knew we had an opportunity to create an important partnership with a growing company.”

“It is always a bit exciting and scary when demand rises quickly,” Matt Maidenberg, CEO of Longhorn Corp. expresses. “We knew we had a significant opportunity, but we also knew we needed the right partner to understand our opportunity and allow us to reach it. NFS Leasing did just that. Now with the new crane in house, we are ramping up our operations and are excited to provide more customers with safe, effective, and efficient cranes.”

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