Robotics: A New Frontier for the Equipment Finance Industry

Equipment Finance Industry“The rise of robotics and improved automation present a massive emerging opportunity for growth in the equipment finance industry,” says Dean Oliver of NFS Leasing.

Like many, I have often wondered at how technology has evolved so rapidly since the invention of the computer and the microchip, and more recently how it might evolve with the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence and the rise of industrial robotics. As a science fiction fan, I have enjoyed both optimistic (2001: A space Odyssey and Wall-E) and more dystopian (Blade Runner and Ex-Machina) visions of robotics; and I am happy to have lived through the age of the PC, the Internet, the cellphone/smartphone, and to witness electric cars become commonplace.

Today there are hundreds of new technology applications impacting virtually all industries, to such a degree that the World Economic Forum has begun to call this melding of the digital, physical and biological systems the “Fourth Industrial Revolutions” and has established a center to shape its development for the benefit of humanity.

Many have seen and are amazed by some of the most advanced robotic technologies demonstrated in the quarterly videos produced by Boston Dynamics. these robots appear incredibly versatile, lifelike and portend great advances to be made in the coming years…

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