NFS Leasing, Inc’s. Story Financing Transforms Scrap Metal Processing Business Twin Salvage, with $8 Million Agreement

Twin Salvage launched its scrap metal processing business in 2017, where it began cutting up and liquidating large metal structures such as oil drilling rigs, trailers and steel buildings. Through new partnerships, Twin Salvage continued to grow allowing it to significantly expand its inventory. While an exciting expansion, this required a hefty $8 Million equipment expense. The sizable equipment investment would allow Twin Salvage to build up and support the growth, immediately transforming it into a considerably larger company with a multitude of possibilities.

NFS Leasing, Inc. specializes in complex equipment finance agreements such as the one Twin Salvage presented. NFS Leasing worked attentively with Twin Salvage, listened to their story and determined what their needs were to find a flexible and mutually beneficial equipment finance agreement. This financial partnership allowed Twin Salvage to purchase the equipment immediately, while avoiding heavy monthly fees, something that would help the company more than expected as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“No two companies are the same and that means no two NFS Leasing agreements are the same. This was certainly a unique partnership,” says Jon Preiser, Vice President of Business Development at NFS Leasing. “But NFS likes a good challenge and we approach each situation as unique and provide a custom solution. We will continue in partnership with Twin Salvage and look forward to seeing their growth and achievements, immediately, through the pandemic and well into the future.”

“The partnership with NFS Leasing has added incredible value to our business,” states Kile Brendle, President of Twin Salvage. “The equipment we financed, will be transformative, allowing us to go above and beyond our original goals. This transformation is only possible thanks to the NFS Leasing team and the support they provide.”

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