NFS Leasing, Inc. Supplies Plastic Recycling Start-Up with Equipment Financing to Occupy Facility and Commence Operations

NFS Leasing, Inc. and start-up plastic recycling company, Pike Plastics Recycling, LLC, have established an equipment finance partnership that allows the start-up to launch operations with necessary recycling equipment.

Pike Plastics was established in late 2019 with the goal of keeping plastic out of landfills. It needed a financial partner that could work with a pre-revenue start-up and understand the financial need and complexity of the business. It also needed a partner who was responsive and fast. NFS Leasing specializes in equipment financing for start-ups, pre-revenue businesses as well as, challenged credit companies, and companies in turnaround.

“Start-up businesses can require complex structures from a credit perspective,” says David Denniss, NFS Leasing’s Vice President of Sales, Canada. “However, when a start-up has a solid business plan and structure to pair with a great cause, it makes it easier for the NFS team to construct a deal that benefits both parties. We are proud to support Pike Plastics in its journey to rid landfills of unnecessary plastic.”

“NFS Leasing was incredibly helpful through the process. Their transparency allowed us to be comfortable upon completion and launch operations knowing we will have the equipment we need,” Charles Niehaus, Principal at Pike Plastics remarks. “The ability to fulfill our facilities equipment needs will allow us to stay on schedule and begin working toward and accomplishing our goals.”