NFS Leasing, Inc. Launches Partnership with Rocket Manufacturing Company to Fuel Testing

A West Coast based early stage rocket manufacturer has completed an equipment financing with story lender NFS Leasing, Inc. The new space industry company has established a test site and plans to begin test launches over the next twelve months. The $500K equipment financing will help the company manufacture critical components on an expedited timetable.

“At NFS, we challenge ourselves to find a way to accommodate deals across many different industries,” says David DePamphilis, Executive Vice President of NFS Leasing, “Leasing to a rocket manufacturing company is really cool and something we don’t see every day. Finding a way to structure a deal for a company in this industry was challenging, but our team was dedicated to get it done.”

A representative of the company says “NFS Leasing was incredibly helpful through this whole situation. Getting this equipment funded was critical for our business and now thanks to the team at NFS we are ready to move forward and reach our potential.”