Employee Spotlight:
Christine Minaya

Christine Minaya

Christine Minaya, who started out as the student and now teachers others in our accounting department at NFS Leasing.

Accounting Manager

The employees of NFS Leasing, Inc. consistently strive for excellence both personally and professionally. Working as a team, they encourage each other to be better people and employees. These values are shared throughout the team, but some go above and beyond. The willingness to not only learn new ideas and practices but to share acquired knowledge, is what makes NFS Leasing’s Accounting Manager, Christine Minaya, so special.

Christine joined NFS Leasing in 2014 and has been an outstanding member of the team ever since. She has built a long list of accomplishments. Most recently was her promotion to Accounting Manager in 2021. Because of her experience and skills as an accountant, many of the other team members look to Ms. Minaya for guidance.

Sharing knowledge, experience, and skills with others is something that Christine learned herself as a student. Since her days at Lynn English High School, where she was a school news anchor and where she first honed her finance skills, she was an exemplary student. Not just simply learning how to do things or perform certain tasks but questioning why it was performed that way and truly working to understand the reasoning. She challenged assumptions, and never took anything she was taught at face value.

Through high school, Christine learned that her advanced math skills could be put to good use and decided that would be her educational focus for college and beyond.

Her educational journey led her to Salem State University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Accounting. During this time, she continued to accelerate her learning by questioning, inquiring and going beyond the basics.

She prided herself on being the best possible student to begin her career on the right foot. Immediately out of college, Christine Minaya began her career journey as a public accountant at a Boston auditing company. There she enjoyed three years of a positive professional experience yet yearned for more in her life goals. Soon after, she left and joined the NFS Leasing team and set a bold goal to take her education to the next level.

Salem State University is where Christine Minaya began her journey into the world of accounting.
endicott college
Working with others allowed Ms. Minaya to understand how they learn.

This led her to Endicott College where she studied Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, completing her master’s degree. Christine Minaya accomplished the incredible feat of studying full-time while working full-time at NFS Leasing as well. While studying with her classmates Christine learned the importance of adapting to different learning styles that she took with her to NFS.

Now, happily, at NFS Leasing, she has taken on a new role as manager of the company’s accounting operations. Her many years as a dedicated student, her ability to quickly learn new tasks, and her time and experience at NFS has made her well prepared for this role.

She has proudly trained all NFS Leasing’s current accounting department employees. Christine’s knowledge of both the employees and the company practices continues to grow with the company, and she can adapt that knowledge and apply it to new practices and new employees. In the end, the student has become the master.

While Christine Minaya, who – when she is not working – can be found spending time with her nieces and nephews on trips to amusement parks or binge watching new Netflix shows, might blend in with the rest of us, her incredible ability to learn and share her learnings make her a stand-out member of the NFS Leasing Team.