Urinalysis Analyzer


A urinalysis analyzer is a valuable tool used to diagnose and monitor renal and urinary tract illnesses. Typically it is a moderate- to high-sample volume test for a general chemistry lab, representing up to 30% of all samples received. Routine urinalysis consists of macroscopic examination, chemical analysis, and microscopic urine sediment examination. Most clinics, laboratories, and hospitals will have the need for this machine; however, the cost of owning the analyzer is often a struggle for businesses, especially those who are looking to preserve their capital.


Fortunately, it is possible to acquire the urinalysis without having to pay a large amount of upfront cash.  NFS Leasing allows your business to obtain the machine right away and enter a flexible finance agreement where you make affordable monthly payments.  Leasing the equipment for your business is ideal for companies that want to preserve capital, preserve senior credit lines, and better predict cash flow.  Contact us today and allow us to help you obtain the equipment you need and deserve!

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