Personal Computers/ Laptops

Personal computers and laptops are notorious for having a two-year lifespan. That means two years after you buy the computer, your machine will be outdated. Your business demands top-of-the-line machines in order to operate more efficiently; however, you may not have the upfront capital to continually purchase new computers every 24 months. New technologies are coming up so frequently so it’s important to stay on top of it all before you realize your computer or laptop is obsolete.


Why Lease Personal Computers/ Laptops?

A great way to avoid the race to obsolescence is through leasing. Lease programs are a staple of IT financing and more and more companies are discovering the many advantages. When you purchase computers and laptops, they will typically depreciate over a short period of time, causing you to dispose of the equipment before writing off its book value. Leasing allows you to regularly upgrade your equipment and take advantage of new technology developments.


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