MR/PET Equipment

Magnetic resonance/positron emission tomography (MR/PET) is the newest imaging modality falling within the category of hybrid imaging. It sits at the crossroads of successful tradition and innovation. It is traditional in that it combines anatomical and functional molecular imaging from two potent imaging modalities; at the same time it is innovative, in that it combines the full potential of anatomic and multiparametric imaging of MRI with the molecular information of PET.  MR/PET equipment can be a challenge for the current economic environment where high costs of the hybrid units bring many healthcare providers doubt.  Although this technology provides many opportunities, it can be difficult to justify the cost, especially when resources are already limited.


You Have More Options with MR/PET Equipment Leasing


With MR/PET equipment leasing, you have more options.  You won’t have to worry about a hefty downpayment and will be able to conserve capital with low monthly payments.  Leasing is also considered an operational expense, which means that you get higher deductibles on your income tax for the equipment.  Once your contract ends, you can choose to either renew the lease or enter a new one and upgrade your equipment.  This takes away any fear of being stuck with obsolete technology and puts you ahead of your competition by always using the latest technology.  Contact us today to get started!


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