Microplate Readers

Microplate readers, also known as plate readers, are instruments which are used to detect biological, chemical or physical events of samples in microtiter plates.  For many pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, microplate readers are essential in the field of drug discovery, bioassay validation, quality control and manufacturing processes.  While useful, these machines cost thousands of dollars to own; therefore, many medical professionals are unable to purchase the tools they need to operate effectively.  Fortunately, there are financing options available to alleviate the costs, one of which is leasing.


Leasing is the smart move


If you want to always offer the best quality of care for your patients, leasing costly lab equipment, such a microplate readers is your best option.  You do not need large capital outlays in order to obtain new pieces of equipment.  With leasing, you are able to enter a flexible contract that will best align with your company’s personalized budget.  That way, there will be one affordable monthly payment instead of using short-term cash when finances are usually tight to begin with.  At the end of the contract, you have the option to renew or to upgrade to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date models.  You stay ahead of your competition and never compromise the quality of care you are delivering to your patients.

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