A luminometer is commonly used in laboratories for research in areas such as scientific research, clinical diagnostic and environmental control.  Some common applications are reporter genes, screening, citotoxicity, biocontamination, cell proliferation, and other ATP-based assays.  It is extremely important to choose the best luminometer for your needs to get quality results and at an optimal cost.


Leasing Luminometers is an Excellent Alternative

For many laboratories, budget is limited, but compromising on quality of the machine will only be more costly in the end.  So what do facilities do when they need a quality machine without having the upfront cash to outright buy one?  They turn to leasing as an excellent alternative.  Leasing a luminometer will ensure that your lab has the best equipment without the heft downpayment.  Our easy and fast application process will have you using your equipment in no time, and with affordable monthly payments, your bottom line will be preserved.  Don’t wait, contact us today to get started!

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