Immunoassay analyzers

An immunoassay analyser is an instrument used to perform biochemical tests to detect or measure specific proteins or other substances through their properties as antigens or antibodies. A medical facility should select the right analytic immunoassay analyzer based on the assays available on the instrument, the throughput capacity of the system, and the availability of models to meet different volume and testing needs within that specific facility. Among the specific technical requirements are: selective multi-testing, full automation, complete panels, and a high throughput rate.  Obtaining and/or upgrading your laboratory equipment, such as the immunoassay analyzer is very important.


Leasing is the practical option

The problem is not a lot of healthcare providers are financially able to purchase new equipment because of financial restrictions and budget concerns.  Immunoassay analyzers are costly, and spending a large cash purchase using short-term cash is not the best or most practical option.  Fortunately, there is good news for facilities looking to obtain this equipment without breaking the bank.  The answer is leasing.  Once you enter into a leasing contract, you can start using the equipment and pay a fixed monthly fee that aligns directly with your budget.  There are several other benefits that come with leasing.  To learn more, contact us today!

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