Flow Cytometer

A Flow Cytometer uses the approach of counting and examining microscopic particles, often cells and chromosomes.  The technology suspends tiny participles in a stream of fluid and passes them by an electronic detection apparatus.  There are five main components of a flow cytometer to look for:


The Alternative Answer is Leasing


Flow cytometry is being used today in both clinical practice and medical research; however, not all medical institutions are able to purchase these machines with the limited capital they have.  Fortunately, the alternative answer is leasing, and it’s the one answer that makes sense for so many.  When you choose to lease your flow cytometer, you’ll be able to quickly obtain the machine without having to front a large lump sum all at one.  With affordable and predictable monthly payments, your lease agreement will fit into your financial budget without breaking the bank.  By choosing to lease, you can also qualify for beneficial tax benefits under the Section 179 deduction.  If you are in need of a flow cytometer for your practice, contact us today and we’ll help you get the machine you desire!

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