Including Diagnostic, Imaging, and Lab Equipment

Medical Equipment

We take great pride in supporting some of the world’s finest health care facilities. We work with them to understand their needs and provide them with unique solutions. Having developed strong relationships with all the major medical equipment vendors, NFS has become the financial solution of choice for many hospital and facility administrators worldwide. Knowing you have a pre-approved lease line from NFS, you can choose the best technology for the health care professionals you support.

Some of the medical equipment we lease:

Medical and Surgical Equipment

Medical Imaging Equipment
Animal Care/Veterinary Imaging Equipment
Defibrillators Bone Densitometers
Dental C-Arm
Emergency/Rescue CT Scanners
Infusion Devices Cardiology/ Angiography
Medical Lasers MRI
Anesthesia Mammography
Diathermy Medical Imaging
Electrosurgical/Cautery Radiology
Surgical Microscopes Ultrasound
Surgical Instruments X-Ray
Nuclear Medicine


Medical Lab and Diagnostic Equipment

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