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Any hospital that is in need of an accurate heart test will want to obtain an EKG machine.  These machines test and check for problems with the electrical activities of the heart and have been able to determine whether the heart is properly functioning and working based off the heart beats, dips and spikes in the reading.  As you can see, the EKG machine is a vital tool for most medical facilities that need to monitor heart activity, thus hospitals are continually looking for ways to afford quality machines.  Many have turned to leasing as a sensible alternative to buying outright.


It’s Easy and Affordable with an NFS Lease

With an NFS lease, we will be able to structure a payment plan that is suitable for your facility.  We make it easy and affordable, with predictable low monthly payments.  If you wish to own the equipment at the end of the lease, there is a $1 buyout option once the lease period expires. If you’d rather return the EKG machine, you can do that as well and choose to upgrade the equipment once the lease period has ended.  There are a variety of options and one that is sure to be the best for your business.  Contact us now to get started on your EKG lease.

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