Dissolution Systems

Dissolution is a test used by the Pharmaceutical industry to characterize the dissolution properties of the active drug, the active drug’s release and the dissolution from a dosage formulation. Automated dissolution systems are ideal for saving time and money, while maintaining the integrity and quality of the data results.  Although these systems have many positive features, the high cost of obtaining one is often extremely daunting for most businesses.


The Financial Benefits of Leasing Dissolution Systems


There are a great amount of financial benefits that come with leasing dissolution systems. These include, preserving your capital, forecasting your cash flow each month, preserving your credit lines and in some instances, using your leasing cost to minimize your medical practice’s taxable profit.  If you are interested in the leasing options that are available to you for dissolution systems and/or other scientific devices, turn to NFS Leasing.  At NFS, we want to provide you fast, flexible equipment lease lines to enable your business to thrive.

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