Diathermy Machines

Diathermy Machines


Diathermy machines have been around since the early twentieth century to facilitate hemostasis, or cutting of the tissue during surgical procedures. The diathermy machine achieves this by passing normal electrical current and converting it into a high frequency alternating current. The machine can deliver moderate heat directly to the pathological lesions in deep tissues of a patient’s body. Diathermy machines may differ with the brand or model and some offer features such as portability, automatic cutoff, treatment timer, and spare fuse. Your facility must determine the type of machine that best suits its needs.


Diathermy Machine Leasing is Easy with NFS


As with most high-quality medical equipment, purchasing a diathermy machine comes with significant cost. Your practice wants the best equipment with the added features it needs to perform procedures efficiently; however, coming up with the upfront capital to obtain the equipment can be a very difficult task. NFS makes it easy to get the equipment in your hands without the stress of high monthly payments or depleting your cash flow. With our seamless leasing process, you don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll be able to afford the diathermy machine you know you need. You pick the machine and we’ll provide the financing. Contact us today to get started.


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