Crawler dozers are powerful tracked machines that use a variety of front mounted blades to move material. Large dozers often do pioneering work, such as moving dirt in preparation for new roadways or removing overburden in mining applications. Smaller machines often are used as grading tractors, sometimes using automated grade controls to precisely establish complex contours. These machines are vital on most construction sites; however, the cost of purchasing one or many can be more than most businesses are willing or able to spend.

The Leasing Advantage


Fortunately, obtaining a crawler dozer is possible with the help of an equipment lease.  With a lease, you’ll pay little or no money down, then make monthly payments over a period of years – usually three to five. When the lease term expires, you can purchase the machine, trade it in for a newer model or simply return it. Another pro of leasing is that you’ll always have modern equipment that is in good working order. You can trade it the backhoe loader for a newer model every few years.

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