Core Routers

Core Routers

A core router is designed to connect corporate systems with the Internet backbone. The core router must be able to support multiple telecommunications interfaces of the highest speed in use in the core Internet and must be able to forward IP packets at full speed on all of them. Core routers can enable business innovation and growth across all remote sites, as they are designed for optimal service delivery on a single platform. Core routers give business greater power to deliver a superior customer experience while reducing overall operating costs.

About Core Router Leasing

You already know your business needs core routers in order to function more effectively; however, you may not be ready to provide the upfront costs involved in purchasing the routers outright. NFS Leasing can provide you with a solution. Leasing core routers is an affordable and flexible way to obtain the equipment you need without tying up credit lines. With low monthly payments, you can still acquire the core router you need but also have piece of mind knowing you have conserved limited cash. Take advantage of our simple and easy leasing process that takes little effort on your part. It’s simple, you choose the technology and we’ll provide the financing!

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