As new opportunities arise in your construction business, the need for additional equipment, such as compactors, becomes urgent. One most construction sites, the amount of waste that accumulates is almost too much to handle, thus the use of a compactor is essential. No matter how big or small the business, the fact that cash flow is the lifeblood of business is always constant. Purchasing a compactor is often out of the question, but fortunately there are other options.


Don’t Wait, Get The Equipment You Need NOW

When your construction business chooses to lease, the cost of the compactor is spread over a multiple-year term keeping the monthly payments more predictable and justifiable. Rather than trying up vital working capital, an equipment lease benefits can pay for the equipment while cash reserves are used to fund future business. Your business will have the profit-generating equipment when you need it, rather than waiting until cash is available, which could be too late. Don’t let the high cost of compactors get in-between you and the success of your business, contact us today to get started with your NFS equipment lease.

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