Coagulation Analyzer

Coagulation analyzers provide measurement of blood platelet levels in a fast and simple process and can be used to measure a coagulation pathway speed, as well as thrombolin and thromboplastin levels in as low as a few minutes.  A coagulation test could provide diagnostic prevention from potentially heart attack-inducing blood clots. This machine is especially designed for superb analytical thought put, which is why the majority of these systems are fitted with features like automated pipette, plastic tray, coagulation timer, video display, thermal prep-block and automatic calibration. Acquiring a coagulation analyzer for your laboratory may involve making a cash purchase that your facility does not have the means to make.  Because the equipment is so costly, medical facilities look for ways to reduce costs, such as leasing the equipment they need.


Leasing a Coagulation Analyzer


When you choose to lease a coagulation analyzer, you will benefit from the latest technology while preserving your capital, which you can utilize for other important purposes.  In today’s medical field, technology is ever-changing, which is why leasing a coagulation analyzer is the best option.  You avoid technology obsolescence by keeping the technology fresh with updates and key milestones.  Once the least contract expires, you have the option of upgrading the equipment, returning it or making a final payment such as a $1 buyout.  With all of these benefits in place, you can see why leasing a coagulation analyzer is the preferred choice.  Contact NFS Leasing today to get started!

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