CO-oximetery can be very useful in detecting the causes for hypoxemia, hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency at the tissue level. The piece of equipment that is used for the testing, CO-oximeter, is a device that measures the oxygen carrying state of hemoglobin in a blood specimen.  The test is usually performed by placing a sensor on the fingertip that collects signal data from the patient and sends it to the instrument.  CO-oximeter can also include  handheld, rechargeable, reflectance, table top, alarmed, high memory and sleep study monitors as well as accessories. These machines are very useful for medical facilities to possess; however, can be a significant expense to own.  Providing the correct diagnosis is usually dependent on the results from such devices, thus there is always a strong need for this kind of product.


Leasing a CO-oximeter Machine

There are many reasons why a medical facility should look to leasing a CO-oximeter machine.  A leasing contract helps you in keeping your monthly costs low for a longer period.  In addition, you won’t have to worry about storing outdated equipment, because once the contract is up, you can simply return the equipment or choose to make a final payment such as a $1 buyout at the end of the lease.  Tax exemption is also given to those to choose to lease and use the CO-oximeter machine.  If your hospital or clinic is in need of a CO-oximeter machine but you don’t necessarily have the upfront costs to buy, contact us and allow our experienced team to get you answer you’ve been searching for.

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