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Can Google Overtake Amazon with Buy Buttons?

May 19, 2015
In a major shift in strategy, Google plans to add “buy” buttons to pages showing search results for products available for online purchase in the coming weeks.

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Google’s Project Loon Is About to Take Off

March 11, 2015
Google, known primarily for being the largest online search engine, is getting ready to launch its next $10 billion start up, or perhaps better termed, trial balloon.

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Google Aims To Sell Wireless Phone Plans

January 29, 2015
Over the next few months, we may see an entirely new endeavor from the online giant, as the company gets ready to enter into the wireless phone service market.

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Google’s Latest Endeavor in Pre-emptive Medicine: Detecting Cancer

December 2, 2014
Over the past decade there have been tremendous advancements in health care thanks to the help of technology. Now, the latest life changing endeavor comes from Google, as the company develops a nanoparticle pill that could help detect cancer and other health problems coursing through a patient’s bloodstream.

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What’s Google’s Next Move?

November 7, 2014
While Google is still highly profitable, the company’s third-quarter earnings also showed signs that its core business in search advertising was starting to slow and now, investors are starting to worry.

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How to Protect Yourself From a Data Breach

November 2, 2014
These days, passwords are everywhere. We are required to think of a unique and hard to remember letter and number combination for almost every Internet account we have, and for many that could mean hundreds of passwords to keep track of.

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