Bone Densitometers

Bone Densitometers

There is no doubt that bone densitometry has a significant impact on the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the management of osteoporosis care. The challenge comes with the cost that many practices endure to own and operate the machine. Bone densitometry is a noninvasive technology that is used to measure bone mass and is the only accurate measurement of bone mass. Bone densitometers are a critical aspect of diagnosing and treating osteopenia and osteoporosis.

For medical practices looking to serve patients by adding or upgrading a current bone density system, leasing is a smart option that can help offset the cost of purchasing one outright. NFS Leasing has been financing medical equipment for years and has the experience you are looking for. With our simple application, great rates, and quick approval process, we are able to provide your company with a top-of-the-line bone densitometry system today!

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