Blood Gas Analyzers

Blood gas analyzers aspirate blood from a syringe and measure pH and the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide. These results are usually available for interpretation within five minutes. Blood gas analyzers are primarily used in pulmonology and critical care medicine; however, there are also a variety of areas of medicine that these machines can be used. Many medical professionals will choose to finance the purchase of this equipment due to the high cost that comes along with buying a machine outright.  Leasing a blood gas analyzer is a financially sound way to obtain the equipment while preserving capital.  Other than the financial benefits of blood gas analyzer leasing, there is the technological benefit of ending your technology obsolescence.  Many people that work in the medical profession know that medical technology can become outdated quickly, but with leasing options, you will be keeping your blood analyzer equipment up to date.

The Financial Benefits of Leasing Blood Gas Analyzers


There are a great amount of financial benefits that come with leasing blood gas analyzers. These include, preserving your capital, forecasting your cash flow each month, preserving your credit lines and in some instances, using your leasing cost to minimize your medical practice’s taxable profit.  If you are interested in the leasing options that are available to you for blood analyzers and/or other medical equipment, turn to NFS Leasing.  At NFS, we want to provide you fast, flexible equipment lease lines to enable your business to thrive.

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