A quick guide to technology & financial optimization for IT equipment needs.

Benefits of Leasing

The technology lease vs. buy question cannot be answered exclusively by using a financial formula. Employee efficiency, equipment lifespan, competitive advantage and even customer perception are just a few of the factors in the decision process that ultimately is intended to help achieve your business objectives. Layer on that the differences in lease terms between best of breed manufacturers and proper approach becomes more difficult to envision.

Here is a quick set of guidelines that will help you think about the lease vs. buy question for your organization:





Beyond leasing, The NFS Factor in the lease vs. buy decision:

There are many benefits to leasing vs. buying technology — but also many questions. The bottom line is every organization is unique. At NFS we have worked with thousands of organizations from venture-backed startup to Fortune 1,000 to help make the right decision.  We’ve seen it all and are ready to put our years of experience to work for you.


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