Backhoe loaders are among the most common pieces of heavy equipment. As the name suggests, they provide two functions: The front of the machine has a loader that can be used to push dirt or pick up loose material, while the other end has a backhoe designed for digging.  A standard backhoe loader costs anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000. Larger models with greater horsepower and dig depths can top $100,000. As you can see, these machines are very expensive and may have you rethink if buying one is feasible.

Leasing is the Popular Choice

Fortunately, obtaining a backhoe is possible with the help of an equipment lease.  With a lease, you’ll pay little or no money down, then make monthly payments over a period of years – usually three to five. When the lease term expires, you can purchase the machine, trade it in for a newer model or simply return it. Another pro of leasing is that you’ll always have modern equipment that is in good working order. You can trade it the backhoe loader for a newer model every few years.

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