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Amazon Prime Day Success Overshadows Customer Complaints

July 24, 2015

What was deemed a “Member-Only Black Friday,” Amazon Prime Day saw a 93% profit increase, improved worldwide order growth by 266 percent from the same day the previous year, and sold more devices in a single day than ever before. Despite was some shoppers thought was lackluster, it was a huge success for the online retail giant.

Amazon’s official press release revealed that the company managed to overtake Black Friday as the biggest sales day of the year, meanwhile it recorded the highest number of new members who tried out the Amazon Prime membership in a single day.

Following the day after the mega sale, Amazon Prime vice president, Greg Greeley confirmed that the success of the event established Prime Day as an annual holiday going forward. ”Going into this, we weren’t sure whether Prime Day would be a one-time thing or if it would become an annual event. After yesterday’s results, we’ll definitely be doing this again.”

Prior to the sale, the event got major attention via social media. According to Adobe, social media mentions about Amazon were up 50% on Prime Day as compared to the 30-day average, although most of the talk was not necessarily positive. Most consumers were upset that sales were for less desirable items such as “socks, microfiber towels and Adam Sandler movies,” according to Adobe.

Despite the downbeat chatter, Amazon knew what it was doing. “We have years of experience with these types of events and we stagger the deals to make sure the fun will last through tonight,” the company said.

With such a surge in sales and new membership, the positive outlook for Amazon encourages the company to repeat Prime Day next year as well. Even though the amount of merchandise purchased was notable, the impact of temporary sign-ups for the company’s Prime feature cannot be overlooked. Member sign-ups on July 15th (Prime Day) surpassed those from any other day, which really made the entire event so commendable. When any company can bring that much growth to their online membership database in just one day, success is undoubtedly in its future.



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