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NFS Leasing is an independent equipment leasing company, serving growth oriented companies in a variety of fields.  NFS specializes in leasing technology equipment, scientific and medical equipment, as well as robotic, agricultural and construction equipment. Having helped a wide array of businesses grow for more than a decade, we are approaching a billion dollars in lease originations.

Our Management team averages over 25 years of technology and finance experience. We have developed a broad base of extensive affiliations throughout the IT, medical, scientific, construction and agricultural marketplace that can be leveraged to bring our customers unique incremental value. This who’s-who list of vendor partners has relied on us to be fast, friendly, fair and ethical business partners for their valued customer base.

Having been entrepreneurs and built companies ourselves, we have experienced the frustrations of rigid and obsolete credit requirements, an unwillingness to understand your business, and an inability to be flexible in leasing practices. Our goal has always been to create a different kind of leasing company, one that will take the time to learn about your business, work as your ally to finance your leasing needs, and facilitate your growth. We understand that behind your financial statements is a real business with real people and real potential. At NFS, we want to provide you fast, flexible equipment lease lines to enable your business to thrive.

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